Post your Event Fliers on line up to a year in advance or as early as they become available.

You can also have your printed fliers inserted in our award winning SEBA Breakdown newsletter  and get the online posting FREE.

“On-line Posting Only”

1 Flier $15
3 Fliers $40
6 Fliers $60
12 fliers $100

Paper Flier/Inserts in the SEBA Breakdown
Includes Free online posting

1 Flier
/Insert $50.00

(you print you ship)

3 Flier/Inserts $100.00

(you print you ship)   

Easy on line payment.

Just email us your flier in a PDF format and we'll get you on line ASAP.
To purchase:

Flier/Insert Shipping information.
Ship 350 flier/inserts to:

Haynes Mailing
4548 Green Hill Rd 
 Gainesville, GA 30506


(770) 534-7201      

If you choose not to pay online in our store you may:  Make your Check or Money Order payable to:
   Southeastern Bluegrass Association  SEBA
   P.O. Box 20286
   Atlanta, GA 30325

Your check must be included with your shipment!
Shipment must be received by the mailing service by 15th of the preceding month to be included in the next edition.

    SEBA Breakdown Ad Rates

  Rates include ad publication in both the printed newsletter and the       online edition. 

Ad Size and Duration   3 Months  6 Months 

12 Months
 1/8 Page
 $30 $50  $90
 1/4 Page  $60  $100  $180
 1/2 Page  $120  $200  $360
 Full Page  $240  $400  $720

For more details contact

Breakdown Want Ads 

All SEBA members with a current (non-expired) membership are eligible for a free want ad each membership year. Free ads for instruments or related merchandise run for 3 months - free ads for music instruction run for 6 months. After the free ad expires, members may extend the ad or purchase a new 3-month ad for a cost of $10. Effective January 19, 2015, new want ads are limited to a maximum of 50 words in length.

For examples of typical want ad content, see page 7 of a recent issue of the SEBA Breakdown. To place a Want Ad, fill out the request form in the right-hand column on this page, or contact

SEBA Advertising  Information
& Request Form

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